Australian Education for Sustainability Alliance

Who are we?

AESA was an alliance of organisations in the education, union, youth and environment sectors that wanted all Australians to have access to the skills, practices and values of sustainability, through formal education and throughout life.

AESA wanted to find the best way to empower you as teachers, your students and your peers – in the classroom, the school and the entire community – with tools and skills that would lead Australia to become sustainable. AESA surveyed more than 5,000 teachers, curriculum coordinators and principals from government and non-government schools across the country, to find out how to help.

More than 90 per cent of you agree that sustainability is important, of value to students, and should be integrated into the curriculum. A further 60 per cent of you said you were interested in including sustainability in your teaching – but you asked for assistance to kick start sustainability teaching at your school. Essentially, you asked for a getting started guide.

We created this resource in response to your needs. It is a portal to direct you to high-quality education resources, case studies focused on how to create change, and information on how to link it all back to the curriculum – in an accessible, direct way.

This guide – Getting started with sustainability in schools – is for you

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More about us

The vision of the Australian Education for Sustainability Alliance was to help create a sustainable Australia by ensuring that all Australians have the opportunity to learn the knowledge, skills, practices, and values of sustainability through the formal education system and throughout life.

Website secretariat

The Australian Association for Environmental Education is the Secretariat of this website and manages the resource portal as a founding member of the Australian Education for Sustainability Alliance. 

Many thanks to Sarah Houseman, Educator and Facilitator toward Sustainable Futures, and Susanna Nelson, Freelance writer and editor, for their contributions to this site.